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Victims of crime and their families have access to a wide range of services, including counselling, financial assistance and other supports. After a crime has been committed, a victim has rights to information, protection, participation and restitution according to the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights.

Victim Support Programs

Caledon\Dufferin Victim Services

Caledon\Dufferin Victim Services is a Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario Program (VCAO) that offers support to individuals affected by crime and tragic circumstances. Highly trained staff and crisis responders provide free victim centered and culturally competent services such as:

  • Confidential 24/7 in person or telephone support and crisis intervention
  • Personalized safety plans and needs assessments
  • Practical assistance
  • Referrals to community and government services that match client needs

Caledon\Dufferin Victim Services
390 C Line
Orangeville, ON L9W 3Z8

24/7 Crisis Line: 905-951-3838
Local: 519-942-1452
Toll Free: 1-888-742-2658

Frequently Asked Questions of Victim Services

How can talking to victim services help me? I don’t want to be labeled a victim.

Our service is not about labeling anyone; it is about providing a safe and supportive environment to express your experiences and feelings. We will help you explore your current supports and help you find additional people or places that may be available to support you.

What if I don’t want to use the places you suggest?

Our focus will be driven by you – it’s about having options and choices and support to help you decide what steps you want to take next. We can help you make the connections or provide you with contact information you can use when you are ready.

Do I have to call police before I call you?

No. Police do not have to be involved for you to speak to us.

What if I would rather talk to someone in person?

We can arrange to meet in person either at our office or at another safe location.

Victim Witness Assistance Program

The Victim/Witness Assistance Program provides information, assistance and support to victims and witnesses of crime to increase their understanding of, and participation in, the criminal court process. Services are provided on a priority basis to the most vulnerable victims and witnesses of violent crime, such as domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, homicide and hate crime. Families of traffic victims are also eligible. Services begin once police have laid charges and continue until the court case is over.

Victim Witness Assistance Program – Orangeville
Orangeville Courthouse
51 Zina St., Main Floor
Orangeville, ON L9W 1E5
Local #: 519-941-7132
Toll Free #: 1-888-600-3769

Ontario Victims Support Line

The Ontario Victims Support Line provides information and referrals to services that help victims of crime locally and across Ontario. The multilingual line provides services in most languages spoken in the province. Access for victims to information about provincially sentenced offenders, with the ability to register for automated notification when an offender’s status changes.
Toll Free #: 1-888-579-2888

Financial Programs for Crime Victims

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) assesses financial compensation for victims and family members of deceased victims of violent crimes committed in Ontario. The CICB is an adjudicative tribunal created under the Compensation for Victims of Crime Act.

The Financial Assistance for Families of Homicide Victims program

The Ministry of the Attorney General administers The Financial Assistance for Families of Homicide Victims (FAFHV) program which helps eligible parents and spouses/common-law partners of homicide victims by providing up to $10,000 per homicide. For more information, please contact the Financial Assistance for Families of Homicide Victims program, toll free at 1-855-467-4344.


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