Service Fees

Orangeville Police offers many services including criminal record checks, reports and paid duties.

Criminal Record Checks/Fingerprints Fee
Fingerprints only $65.00
Volunteer Check (no prints required) $25.00
Volunteer Check (prints required) $40.00
Employment Check (no prints required) $35.00
Employment Check (prints required) $80.00
Extra Copy $10.00
Record of Suspension Applications $40.00
Express Check – while you wait (no fingerprints required) $50.00
Reports Fee
File Closure – Destruction of Fingerprints/Photos $25.00
Occurrence Reports/MVC Reports $100.00
Synopsis or Confirmation Letters $50.00
Video/Audio Recordings (DVD’s) $60.00
Officers Notes (copies/transcribed) $50.00
Photographs (on DVD) $100.00
Interviews with Involved Officers – 4 hour minimum OT rate
Witness Statements $50.00
Paid Duties Fee
Paid Duty Officer (per hour) – 4 hour minimum $70.91 to $88.64
Paid Duty Vehicle (per hour) $250.00
Paid Duty Administrative Fee 15%