Police remind community that marijuana is still illegal

Your Orangeville Police Service wishes to remind residents that growing, selling and possessing marijuana is still illegal in Canada.

Although the Government of Canada is working towards legalizing and regulating access to cannabis, until new legislation and new rules are in place, current laws remain in force and should be obeyed.

Recent feedback from members of the community suggests that the public is unclear as to the current status of laws involving the use of marijuana.

“Our job as a police service is to uphold and enforce all current laws pertaining to marijuana and any other illicit drug”, said Chief Wayne Kalinski. “Orangeville Police officers will continue to investigate incidents involving illicit drugs and enforce current laws, including laying applicable charges when the grounds exist to do so”.

The Orangeville Police Service encourages the public to educate themselves and their families regarding the use and effects of marijuana.

For further information please contact the Orangeville Police Service at 519-941-2522 extension 2221 or visit www.orangevillepolice.ca.


Posted on April 20, 2017