Orangeville Police Service continues as a place of safety

Your Orangeville Police Service reminds the community that their 390 C Line location should always be considered as a place of safety for the public.

Whether you need a safe place to conduct a child custody exchange or to complete an online purchase, your police service should be thought of as a “safe exchange zone” for residents.

Since 2015, Orangeville Police has welcomed the public to conduct various types of interactions in the lobby or parking lot to discourage criminals.

“We have been a place of safety for several families to drop off and pick up kids in our parking lot over the years” explained Orangeville Police Chief Wayne Kalinski. “In 2015, we simply expanded on that to include other situations where a safe place is needed. Criminals with the intent of conducting scams over internet buy and sell sites would be reluctant to continue the scam at a police station”, added Chief Kalinski.

Posted on July 31, 2019