Orangeville and Shelburne Police work together with MedicAlert Foundation Canada to help the community

The Orangeville Police and Shelburne Police Services are working in partnership with MedicAlert Foundation Canada to ensure people with autism, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or a cognitive brain injury, who go missing, are returned to their family members and caregivers sooner.
On Wednesday, June 5, members of both Police Services received training regarding the program. As the Orangeville Police Service provides dispatching services to the Shelburne Police Service this training update was an excellent opportunity to further foster the already strong partnership between the two police services, as well as, ensure that the citizens of Orangeville and Shelburne continue to receive first class policing services.

“We have had an excellent working relationship with the Shelburne Police Service for many years and this is another example of the close partnership that we share”, explained Orange Police Chief Wayne Kalinski.

The Orangeville Police Service has been utilizing the program since September, 2017.
The Shelburne Police Service will be live with MedicAlert on June 15, 2019, with a registration session at the Shelburne Street Festival. More information will follow in a further media release from the Shelburne Police Service.

“We are proud to partner with MedicAlert in support of the MedicAlert Connect Protect initiative to increase the safety of people in our communities living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, a cognitive brain injury, or autism, and return them to their families as quickly as possible”, said Shelburne Police Chief Kent Moore.

MedicAlert Connect Protect gives police officers 24-hour access to a registered subscriber’s photo, identity, past wandering history, and other vital emergency information through their MedicAlert medical IDs. This information will help officers search more efficiently, increasing the chances that those who go missing are reunited with their loved ones sooner. Officers called to an emergency involving a MedicAlert subscriber will also have access to vital information which may be necessary to save a life.

For more information about the program please contact the Shelburne Police service at 519-925-3311 or the Orangeville Police Service at 519-941-2522. Information can also be obtained online at

Posted on June 6, 2019