Deputy Chief Gilfoy completes incident review

Your Orangeville Police Service has conducted a comprehensive review of an incident that occurred on November 20th, 2018 at a local high school. A portion of this incident was recorded with a cellular phone camera and posted on social media, which sparked the attention of the public. Deputy Chief Leah Gilfoy ordered that a review of the incident be conducted.

The review involved watching all available personal video, surveillance video, identifying eighteen potential witnesses, interviewing 8 of the involved young persons with their parents’ consent / presence, interviewing school staff and witnesses. It also involved reviewing two previous OPP incidents, 2 OPS incidents, officer’s notes, dispatching reports, radio transmissions and GPS.

As a result of the review, Deputy Chief Gilfoy has concluded that the officers involved conducted themselves appropriately.

“The tactics that the officers used, given the situation at hand, were in accordance with the Ontario Use of Force Continuum and within his authority as a Peace Officer in the Province of Ontario”, said Deputy Chief Gilfoy.

The parents of the involved young persons have been advised. The local school has been consulted. There will be no further action with respect to this matter.

The Orangeville Police Service thanks all persons involved in the incident for their cooperation and assistance in conducting the incident review.

Posted on February 7, 2019